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Stop coming over top golf swing – Fix slice

To stop coming over the top golf swing is to correct a slice in the golf swing, and pulled golf shots, too.  That all-too-common over the top move creates the opposite of the desired inside to out swing path in golf.

BEFORE focusing on golf swing mechanics as listed below needed to hit a draw shot to fix the slice golf swing…

  • the right elbow in the golf swing, and
  • left forearm supination in the golf swing.

…FIRST a mental awakening is required before mechanics can be changed from the common outside to inside swing path which produces slices AND pulls:

  • actually, just about every fault in the golf swing comes from a faulty visualization of what is actually supposed to happen at impact.
  • fixing a faulty understanding of impact is the first step to fixing ANY fault
  • …because if the mind isn’t on board with the desired interaction between the club face and the ball, then the mind will block any efforts to make the physical changes required for proper impact.

The most common ugly golf shots arise from the over-the-top move because this is the most common manifestation of a faulty understanding of impact:

Pay attention here – you are on the verge of transforming your game – I promise you!

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