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You may not know my mentor, Peter Croker, PGA Australia; nor therefore his golf ball striking techniques that incorporate key principles from the Ben Hogan golf swing.

For advanced ball striking, from my experience, the most reliable path is to follow Pete’s golf training approach which

  • breaks down the skills into digestible golf training exercises, and
  • teaches the skills in the proper order so we can blend new skills with previously learned skills.

Let’s learn more about his legendary PGA ball striking and passion for helping folks improve ball striking to the point where they play golf by hitting golf shots VERSUS playing golf by “playing golf swing”.

Peter Croker interview – Including what he taught Arnold Palmer

…and landing on a Golf Digest cover.


Pete is a ball striking legend in Australia, having won 20 PGA Australia tour events and founded his golf academy in the 1990s.

Pete played with, and learned from, and-or taught the great legends of golf; including Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Peter Thomson (among past British Open champions), Greg Norman, Ian Baker Finch, Vijay Singh, et al.

On The Mark blog interview link with Peter Croker, PGA Australia:

Listen for valuable insights, e.g., “golf is a 2-target sport”; this is an epiphany that will set you free at 14:05 mark.

Key markers:

  • 4:30 Interviewer introduces Pete; Pete revisits how he came to give Arnold Palmer 2 lessons and how he landed on the Golf Digest cover in the mid 1990s.
  • 14:05 Pete covers keys to consistent and pure ball striking, including the single root cause of why golfers struggle.
  • 33:00 Pete shares teaching approach-philosophy.

Pretty impressive stuff. For a taste of Pete’s golf training academy, coming next is Pete’s left hand drill.

A Free Golf Training Video From Pete – Less than 2 minutes

Pay attention here – you are on the verge of transforming your game – I promise you!

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Click on image. Scroll down to “Lesson of the Week”.

Peter Croker demonstrating left hand release drill

  • SCROLL down to “Lesson of the Week” [1:13] and click video still-shot on that page.

I cover Pete’s left hand action in more detail [and with my own insights] in my Instinctive Golf Swing video:

  • START Mark 13:25

    A to B: Throw club head heel-first on inside-to-out path to ball “B”.
  • END Mark 21:20

For a CLEAR demonstration of the exact right hand action and how the right and left hand interact:

  • START Mark 33:45

    Right hand not for squaring – right elbow bent into impact then straightens like a battering ram through impact.
  • END Mark 35:15


I trust you gained valuable insight from Pete’s story.

It is important to learn how his amazing golf experiences shaped him and his approach to ball-striking and teaching.

From my experience as his student, and as a teacher using his approach, you have just found the most reliable way to channel your inner ball-striker.

I hope in some way I can be an important part of your golf journey.

Please email me with your golf journey story – I’d love to hear it!

Until next time, let’s go in the direction of playing golf [versus playing “golf swing”] by learning how to “enjoy the hit” so we can play golf by hitting golf shots.


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