Let’s make golf a reflex sport! Whaaat?!?

Read on to experience a powerful realization that will transform your game.

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Yes, its an odd statement given we swing at a stationary golf ball; allow me 1 minute to explain.

In short,

  1. I teach how your hands react reflexively to the club’s movement…
  2. …and how the body in turn reacts to the hands’ movements.

In this way you’ll learn,

  1. how to hit a golf ball with fluid thought-free timing-free movements because you’ll instinctively feel your way through the swing…
  2. …versus the all-too-common undependable method of “thinking” one’s way through the swing.

Put another way,

  1. there is an instinctive tango between the club head’s momentum and the hands, where the club head momentum is the lead dancer…
  2. …simultaneously there is an instinctive tango between the hands and the body, where the hands are the lead dancer.

This is how you’ll develop a consistent golf swing controlled by your thought-free sensory motor system versus your cognitive thinking [which invites hoping-worrying] system.

Pay attention here – you are on the verge of transforming your game – I promise you!

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