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That’s me, Ted Williams, Certified Croker Golf System Instructor, having some fun.

Ted’s Credentials

  • Featured Coach on MyGolfingStore.com where I produce written content and exclusive videos for paying members.
  • Listed Coach on CrokerGolfSystem.com; 1 of only 5 in USA approved by my mentor, Peter Croker, PGA-Australia.
Click image above for my Youtube video where Peter’s Comments exist.  Peter Croker, PGA-Australia, is my mentor – here are his Comments endorsing me.

Click this link for a video to learn more about Ted’s mentor, Peter Croker, PGA-Australia, and the CGS Beginning Program; https://tedwilliams–pushgolf.thrivecart.com/cgs-beginning-program/

Please see “Classic Golf Swing – Hands Govern Hips” for video and graphics and bullet pointed text for a better presentation of the material below.

Reacting reflexively, or instinctively, to the momentum of the swinging club head creates the coveted golf swing mechanics of legendary ball strikers like Ben Hogan and my mentor, Peter Croker, PGA Australia.

Conversely, mainstream instruction focuses heavily on swing mechanics – that is, their focus is on how to be a “club swinger” versus our focus which is on embracing our hitting instincts to become a ball striker.

Our approach is to get the club head swinging with its own momentum. Then we sense and react to that momentum in a way that instinctively causes the swing mechanics needed for consistent ball striking.

So, as I like to say, the swing doesn’t create the hit – the hit creates the swing.

Ergo, Let’s Make Golf A Reflex Sport!

Precious few golfers know how to get the club head moving so that it has its own momentum, therefore the vast majority of golfers have to think and analyze their way through their swing.

Great ball strikers aren’t “faster thinkers” than the majority of folks. In fact, they aren’t thinking at all; their hands and body are feeling and reacting to the momentum of a freely swinging club head.

I look forward to getting you started on this counter-intuitive path to playing golf by “enjoying the hit”, versus by playing “golf swing”.

Focusing on mechanics will never get you to move fluidly, nor to throw the club head at the ball with the dependable precision needed to play golf by simply “enjoying the hit”.

Through Pete’s ball striking and step-by-step teaching approach for a digestible golf swing breakdown, and my related insights, I will help you channel your inner ball striker through local golf lessons [Michigan] or online golf lessons.

About Me – AND Why I Want To Help Folks

Like you, I love golf – but probably unlike most of you visiting today, for decades I relentlessly pursued and finally procured the ability to strike the ball purely and dependably enough to consistently shoot in the 70s.

But it didn’t need to take nearly that long!

You see, in terms of improvement, most of my golf journey was largely wasted time until I melded with my mentor, Peter Croker, PGA Australia, in the last couple of years. Pete won 20 PGA Australia Tour events and founded his golf academy in the 1990s.

Pete taught, and/or played and comraded with the likes of:

  • Arnold Palmer, Ben Hogan,
  • Peter Thomson (5-time past British Open Champion),
  • Vijay Singh, Greg Norman,
  • Ian Baker Finch, et al.

Like me, we both started caddying at the age of 10; several decades later our paths met. Without Pete’s mentorship I couldn’t have figured out what it takes to be accomplished at this most bewitching of sports in a thousand life times.

Golf is simply that dang counter-intuitive.

Please click to see my post, “The Counter-Intuitive Battles You Must Win“.

Golf defies logic and, from my experience, mainstream mechanics-based and muscle memory-based instruction doesn’t help;

  • learning how to specifically incite and engage your instincts is the key.

After teaching free-lance golf for many years of late, on top of teaching tennis professionally for 10 years before entering a business career to utilize my B.S./Biochemistry and M.B.A. degrees some decades ago, I am now semi retired and dedicated to reaching as many golfers as possible.

Ready to see what I’m talking about?! Enjoy the free golf videos below – I think you’ll have a renewed sense of hope just from watching!


Our basic premise is to build a consistent golf swing around engaging your preexisting instinctive movements versus focusing on mechanics and rote muscle-memory drilling.

1. “Instinctive golf swing; back swing, transition, downswing, impact, follow-thru (CAPTIONS ON!)” [37:53]

Click image below to watch video – and turn CAPTIONS on as I crystallize key points!


2. “Chipping skills as foundation of full swing, coordinate hands and hips on short game first” [4:30]

Click image below to watch video.


3. Some students purchase my mentor’s online golf academy to supplement our in-person lessons. 

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Click the image above for the “Beginning Program” Ebook INCLUDING 40+ videos for just $58.

Same methodology as featured on this Golf Digest cover with Peter Croker, PGA-Australia!

Click image below to watch video from my mentor, Peter Croker. PGA-Australia.

Click image above for video of my mentor, Peter Croker, PGA-Australia, [featured on this Golf Digest cover] demonstrating the “A to B” master drill.

Let’s make golf a reflex sport!


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